For many cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedures, one of the most important factors dentists consider before discussing treatment options is the amount of bone volume a patient has within his or her jaw. Bone volume is crucial to holding dental implant posts in place and ensuring that the treatment is successful.

Bone loss is fairly common especially among people who suffer from missing teeth, oral trauma, and gum disease, but can be rebuilt through bone grafting. At Dental Arts of Paramus, we are proud to offer bone grafting whether your bone loss is severe or mild.

The process
During a bone grafting procedure, we will take a sample of bone from you or an approved donor source and compress it into granules. These bone grafting granules are placed at the site of bone deterioration underneath the gum tissue. The bone granules fuse to your existing jaw bone creating a solid structure, which can even out your jawline and become capable of supporting dental implants.

For your comfort we have several effective sedation techniques to remove anxiety and stress while providing you with a painless experience. Once your graft heals, you will be closer to having your restorative dental procedure and your smile improved.

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